YG-08- Photoelectric Smoke Detector/Smoke Alarm System 3V, with battery backup


Product Description :

This photoelectric smoke detector/smoke alarm is uniquely and stablely designed, adopts smart MCU photoelectric process,has sensitive detection to visible smoke. There is an internal photoelectric smoke sensor, when the smoke potency exceeds preset potency, the detector will send alarm signal and make alarm by both sound and light.

Key Features: 

1. Ultra-low power consumption, standby current <5uA

2. Infrared photoelectric smoke sensor

3. Alarm by sound and light alarm

4. Battery low voltage reminder

5. Failure self-checking

6. Wireless distance: 80m

7.Sensitivity adjustable for different environment

8. Suitable for house,shop,mall,office,lab,bank,gym,warehouse

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Technical Parameters: 

Operating Voltage3V battery (2AA LR6 AM3 1.5V)
Quiescent Current<3uA Sensitivity: 2.06ft%±1.3ft%
Low Voltage Alarm≤2.5V
Alarm Sound Pressure≥85dB/3m
Wireless Transmission Frequency315/433(Default)/868/915 MHz ±0.5MHz
Wireless Transmission Distance≥80 meters (open area)
Protection Area (Detail parameter is according to GB4715-2005 standard)When the place height is 6-12 meters, the defense area is about 80 ㎡; if the height is under 6 meters, the protection area is 60 ㎡;
Working Temperature-10℃~50℃
Working Humidity≤75% RH
Shell MaterialFire-resistant ABS, PC
Outside Dimension92mm*92mm*42mm
Implementation StandardsGB7415; GB7416; En14604;UL217



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