W4Q 4G and wifi color display Alarm System


The Smart Security Alarm system focuses on WiFi+4G multi-function smartalarm host, plus PIR detector, window/door sensor, remote controller andother devices to build an intelligent security system. With easy installationand setting, this product can achieve anti-theft alarm function and be linkedwith smart socket, IP camera and other devices to start your smart life.

1. Functions & Features
● WiFi+4G dual network connection for double guarantee;
● 2.4 inch TFT LCD display;
● Support 10 remote controllers, 16 RFID;
● Support 6 groups of alarm phone numbers and 6 groups of alarm SMSnumbers;
● Up to 100 wireless defense zones, support independently custom zoneattributes;
● Support 2 wired defense zones;
● 24-hour defense zone, ordinary defense zone, home defense zone anddelay defense zone are selectable;
● Built-in RF wireless transmission module to expand wireless sirens;
● Smart doorbell, APP notifications;
● APP alarm notifications, accurately locate the alarm defense zone;
● Record log of door magnetic switch, history recording, APP management
● Built-in backup battery to prevent sudden power outage;
● The host prompt can be turned on/off, no need to worry about disturbingyour family when back home at deep night;
● TUYA WiFi solution, APP management, allows to be linked to other smartproducts of TUYA ecosystem;
● Multi-account management, sub-permission management (a total of 16accounts, 1 administrator, 15 visitors,



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