MS1 – Elderly SOS GSM Alarm System, SOS Emergency Button, Can Work with Wireless Detectors


Product Description:

MS1 uses high performance microprocessors, combines with advanced GSM wireless technology and radio frequency technology, it is a versatile, multi-purpose intelligent security. It can be used as a stand-alone to help the elderly, can work with all kinds of wireless detectors, once the illegal invasion or other unforeseen circumstances occur, the device can be promptly sends alarm (send a text message or make a call).

Key Features:

1. LED indicates host information;

2. Use new quad-band GSM industrial class module, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz available for worldwide use;

3. Host panel comes with SOS button, built-in intercom speaker and microphone;

4. Can pair with 8 remote controls, 30 wireless detectors (including emergency button);

5. One wired zones (Normally closed) and one relay (Normally Open) output can also be remotely controlled;

6. Preset 5 groups of alarm phone numbers, the host automatically calls to alarm;

7. Preset 5 groups SMS phone numbers, the host automatically send SMS to alarm;

8. Support 10 seconds voice record, play record when alarming, and remotely playback;

9. Set Chinese/English SMS, sent automatically when alarm;

10. Away Arm, Home Arm, Delay, 24 Hours, Closing etc, multi-zones programming;

11. Support iOS and Android APP operations, as well as by telephone or sending SMS command for remote control and settings;

12. Built-in rechargeable lithium batter, work for 24/7;

13. Support external power off/external power on SMS tips;

Technical Parameters:

Power SupplyAC=110-240V±10%, DC=12V (built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery)
Static Current<50mA
Alarm Current<200mA (without external speakers)
Wireless Receiving Frequency433MHz±0.5MHz
External Alarm Horn Sound Intensity110dB
Working Temperature0℃~40℃
Relative Humidity≤90% (no-condensing)



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