WM2 – GSM & PSTN Alarm System, WCDMA 3G Network (2G Network Compatible), PSTN, Contact ID

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Key Features: 

1. WCDMA 3G network (2G GSM compatible), PSTN, Contact ID, WIFI control (optional);

2. Main panel with inner siren and alarm sound;

3. 10pcs wireless defense zones and 2pcs wired zones; each wireless zone supports10 sensors;

4. Zone type and alarm SMS of each zone could be programmed by users;

5. 8pcs remote controllers; EV1527 and IC2262 compatible;

6. Wireless zones have low power alert and tamper alarm function;

7. 5 alarm phone numbers (3G or 2G); 5 PSTN alarm numbers; 3 SMS numbers;

8. SMS alert for main panel external power off/ recovery;

9. System settings could be done by SMS/ telephone DTMF/ APP;

10. SMS alert for main panel tamper alarm;

11. Main panel has built-in transmitter which makes the wireless siren connection easy;

12. Built-in backup battery: rechargeable.

Technical Parameters: 

Input VoltageAC=100V-250V, DC 12V, 1.2A
Standby Current65mA
Wireless Receiving Frequency315/433(Default)/868/915 MHz ±0.5MHz
Backup Battery7.4V/1000mAh Li battery
Battery Time8 hours
Working Temperature0℃~50℃
Working Humidity40%- 90%


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