SR-02 – Wireless Water Intrusion Detector, Provide Prompt and Accurate Location of Overflow


Product Description: 

When the two sensor needle contact with liquid or conductive metal objects at the same time, the machine send a wireless alarm signal (315MHz/433MHz), and you can select link actions of buzzer and relay (when the power supply is below 7V, the relay stops working).

Key Features: 

1. When the water is overflowing from the container, the alarm “ring” to remind the user leaking or spilling water. Please close the valve and repair it, so as to avoid the waste of water resources. Close the valve, the alarm will automatically stop alarming after overflow stops;

2. Circuit optimization and special probe design solved alarm reliability problems caused by different water elements (probe should be installed outside of the water container, water spills);

3. The product provide prompt and accurate location of overflow, reduce economic losses due to overflow;

4. The product can reduce installation costs, improve products level and save project cost;5. Exquisite appearance, small size, low price and easy installation.

Technical Parameters: 

Power Supply12V/23 a dry cell or external to the 12V/300mA power adapter
Standby Current<18uA
Alarm Current<35mA
Transmission Frequency433MHz
Transmission Distance90 meters (open area)


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