HW-06D – Wireless Dual Pet-immune PIR Infrared Detector, Accurately Send Alarm for the Movement of Human Body


Product Description:

HW-06D Wireless Dual Pet-immune PIR detector adopts a number of advanced analysis techniques of dynamic threshold adjustment, artificial intelligent process etc. According to infrared spectra from human body to do intelligent analysis and quantum chemical calculation, then compared to the current environment, accurately send alarm for the movement of human body, make sensors more stable, more effectively, avoid false alarm by pet.

Key Features: 

1. Adopt high-end double infrared sensor and artificial intelligent algorithm technology;

2. Two important detection windows, immune to pets weighing below 25KG;

3. Dynamic threshold adjustment technology, with good resistance to light and electromagnetic interference;

4. Detecting sensitivity is adjustable to meet different environment requirements;

5. Unique intelligent power saving mode, can prolong battery life;

6. Built-in 2262 and 1527 encoding, can work with most alarm panels in the market;

7. Use the precision Fresnel lens technology to improve the efficiency of energy reception;

8. Adopt SMT manufacturing, more reliable performance;

9. Suitable for residence, shopping mall, machine room, warehouse, factory etc.

Technical Parameters: 

Operating VoltageDC 3V (2 AA LR6 AM3 1.5V)
Quiescent Current≤18uA
Working Current≤15mA
Detecting Range7-9 meters
Wireless Transmission Distance70 meters (open area)
Detection Angle70°
Detection of Walking Speed0.3m/s-3m/s
Self-test Time≤60s
Alarm IndicationRed LED light
Infrared Sensor2 pairs of pyroelectric infrared sensor
Wireless Transmission Frequency433/868MHz (optional)
Relative Humidity5%-95% RH (no condensation)
InstallationWall or corner installation
Installation Height1.7m-2.2m
Storage Temperature-10℃~65℃
Detector Size107mm*52mm*41mm
Meet the StandardGB10408.1; GB10408.6; GB16796


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